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NEW  Limited Edition Ganz Bears
These adorable bears are a NEW line by Ganz Cottage Collectibles.
Bears are limited edition and feature a copper metal tag around their neck
which read Limited Edition  Cottage Collectibles by Ganz.  Each bear is Numbered

Shown On Right - Earl LE 3000 (CLICK TO ORDER)

Left:  SOLD OUT,  Right:  Eearl*  LE 3000 -$45.99

Auntie Pam LE 3000, Miss Fu Fu LE 3000 (CLICK TO ORDER)

Left Auntie Pam* LE 3000 $29.99, Right:  Miss Fu Fu* LE 3000  $54.99

Jenni Lou LE 1800, 28 Tall (Large Bear) (CLICK TO ORDER)

Jenni Lou (28" tall) * LE 1800 $84.99